Guideline for the Use of TDBL VISA Travel Card

Tourism Development Bank now introduces TDBL VISA Travel Money,a safer way to carry cash while traveling. With TDBL VISA Travel Money, withdrawal of cash is very convenient from VISA network ATMs all over the world. Make payments to VISA affiliated merchants all over the world with TDBL VISA Travel Money. Avoid the rush on queue for currency exchange and get the access to multiple currency with just one single card. Carry confidence not cash.

General Guidelines for the use of TDBL VISA Travel Card - Know Before You Go

  1.  Collect the Card and the PIN mailer from the branch and ensure that the PIN number is not tampered. If any signs of tampering is found, please surrender the card and PIN immediately to the bank.
  2. Never reveal or surrender your PIN to anyone. You are advised to change the PIN (any 4 digit number) from TDBL ATM outlets.
  3. A written record of the PIN should not be kept in any form, place or manner that may facilitate its use by a third party. Try and memorize the PIN instead of noting it down somewhere.
  4. Please check the expiry date of the travel card mentioned in the lower mid-section of the card.The validity of the card will be till the month end of the year indicated on your Card. During this period you can reload your Card with the additional Foreign Currency as and when you want.
  5. Please check the balance in your Travel Card at any of the TDBL ATM outlets in order to activate and/or ensure the activation of the card. After a successful activation/ authorization, you can withdraw the funds as per the assigned limit.
  6. We urge you to note that TDBL VISA Travel Card service is purchasedwith the purpose of using the card in respective nation’s local currency, TDBL will not be responsible for the exchange rate applicable in the country you are visiting. The card holder will be liable for any kind of violation of foreign currency rules and regulations on his/her behalf.
  7. While withdrawing cash from ATM outlets please select "Saving A/C" as your account type.
  8. In case of using the card at Non-VISA terminal, please ensure that you withdraw cash keeping a residual balance of $5 in the card for the access fee deduction.
  9. Always ensure that the card is used in your presence while using it in the POS terminals. Never sign an incomplete charge slip.
  10. This card issued by the bank is not an EMV chip card. If you fail to meet the security requirements, you shall be liable for the unauthorized use and any loss involved.
  11. You can choose to surrender your Card and get a refund from your nearest TDBL branch or any of TDBL ATM outlets.
  12. Inform the nearest TDBL branch in writing regarding the lost/stolen, damage of Card and disclosure of PIN. The card holder shall be held liable for the transactions received prior to this notification.
  13. Please read the Terms and Conditions pertaining to the use of TDBL VISA Travel Card carefully and any use of card will automatically constitute the acceptance of the terms and conditions stated therein.
  14. For further details or loss of your card please contact your nearest TDBL branch or e-mail us at

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