Margin Loan

The capital of a private or public limited company is divided into shares. Shares are of two main types: ordinary shares and preference shares. Ordinary shares generally carry no fixed rate of dividend unless differed ordinary shares are issued, but receive a dividend dependent on the amount of net profit earned by the company. Preference shares generally carry a fixed rate of dividend which is payable before payment of the dividend on the ordinary shares. The holding of shares is presented by share documents, which is issued under the official seal of the company, showing ownership of shares in that company. Bank may provide loan against lien of these share certificates of various companies approved by the bank from time to time listed in the stock exchange, stock brokers


  • The whole amount of loan is debited to the customer’s name of margin loan account and is paid to the borrower by way of crediting his current or saving account
  • This type of loan is usually for a short period to meet the immediate requirement
  • Bank usually accepts shares of reputed companies having good financial position and good market value
  • Once the bank official is satisfied with the security offered, he will calculate the drawing power of the borrower on the basis of average market value during last 180 days or present market value whichever is lower keeping prescribed margin and also complying all other instructions in this respect
  • Bank should not provide loan against its own shares
  • Advances against such securities should be safe and easily realizable
  • If the market price of the shares go down at any point of time, the party has to deposit the additional margin amount on demand or additional acceptable shares
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