Mobile Banking

TDBL customers can take benefit of modern banking service by using mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

By registering TDBL Mobile Banking, customer can get their account information, transaction alert, fund transfer and utlitity payments by using mobile phone.
Detail service of TDBL mobile banking are:
1. Transaction
  • Fund Transfer to inter bank and intra bank
  • Shopping/Merchant Payment
  • NT Landline/ADSL Bill Payment
  • NCELL Pro payment
  • Recharge Card Purchase(NT and NCELL)
  • Fund Transfer to E-Sewa Account

2. Request
  • Cheque Stop
  • Statement
  • Cheque Book
  • Pin Change
  • Help

3. General Enquiry
  • Online Account Balance
  • Transaction Alerts
  • Last Five Transactions
  • Banking Hours
  • Exchange Rate

TDBL  Mobile Banking service can be used by two ways, one by using Mobile App and another by using text based SMS systax.

Andorid based Mobile Application can be downloaded from our website ( , download page or from google play store with search keywords TDBL fonepay.

For app not supporting users can use text based SMS syntax whose details can be found on below link, (Download Text Based Syntax/Apps Manual)



You must have TDBL  account in order to apply for Mobile banking. No other documentations are required. Your network operator may charge you relevant fees for sending and receiving SMS messages.

  • Fill up the application for TDBL Mobile Banking.
  • Submit it to the respective branch.
  • Receive  confirmation SMS and PIN code in your  mobile.
  • Begin using Mobile Banking and enjoy the service.
  Types of Fees   Amount (Rs.)
  Subscription Fee   Free
  Trial Period Three months
  Annual Fee After trial period 200
  • Make sure that TDBL Mobile Banking Application is downloaded only from Bank’s official Website (, Android Market or iTunes etc.
  • Do not disclose your MPIN to anyone.
  • Change your MPIN on regular interval and immediately, if you have doubt that it is known to third person.   
  • Never leave your mobile phone unattended. Please ensure that your mobile’s locking feature is enabled.
  • If you receive suspicious SMS from other than 7007, please inform Bank immediately.
  • All messages generated by the Mobile Application are encrypted in the operator network for enhanced security on mobile sets which can run TDBL MBanking application.
  • MBanking can also be operated on the mobile set which cannot run TDBL MBanking application by using plain text however it is riskier and thus customers are encouraged to use the set which can run TDBL MBanking application.
  • Please memorize your PIN as soon as you receive and delete it immediately from your SMS Inbox.
  • Delete all MBanking request sent using plain text which are stored in SMS Sent Items
  • Check your account balance and statement regularly.
  • Inform Bank immediately to block MBanking Service if you lose your mobile phone.
TDBL customers can use inter bank fund transfer to following fonepay member banks any branches using our Mobile banking (fonepay).
S.No. Withdraw Partner Banks SWIFT Code Type
1 Ace Development Bank Limited ACDENPKA Development Bank
2 Business Universal Development Bank Limited BUDBLNPKA Development Bank
3 Everest Bank Limited EVBLNPKA Commercial Bank
4 Gandaki Bikash Bank Limited GDBNPKA Development Bank
5 Global IME Bank Limited GLBBNPKA Commercial Bank
6 Janata Bank Nepal Limited JBNLNPKA Commercial Bank
7 KIST Bank Limited KISTNPKA Commercial Bank
8 Nabil Bank Limited NARBNPKA Commercial Bank
9 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited NPBBNPKA Commercial Bank
10 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited NBOCNPKA Commercial Bank
11 NIC Asia Bank Limited BOALNPKA Commercial Bank
12 Rastriya Banizya Bank Limited RBBANPKA Commercial Bank
13 Sunrise Bank Limited SRBLNPKA Commercial Bank
14 Tourism Development Bank Limited TDBLNPKA Development Bank
15 Yeti Development Bank Limited MANANPKA Development Bank
Note: to use Fund Transfer, via TDBL Mobile banking application. We have to add SWIFT code on mobile banking application via following procedure for android devices.
1.Go to Setting Icon on Top of First appeared screen.
2. Go to add Bank code
3. Give Bank Code and Name on given boxes.
4. Save.

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