TDBL Professional Loan

Now, your dreams are no longer only yours. We trust the profession you live, that’s why with great pride and pleasure we introduce TDBL PROFESSIONAL LOAN.

  • The whole amount or partial amount of the loan is debited to the customer’s name on Professional Loan Account and is disbursed to the borrower by way of credit to his/her current account
  • This loan includes the term loan (EMI) only
  • The term loan is extended for maximum of 5 years and maximum ceiling shall be Rs. 1 million
  • This loan portfolio should not exceed 5% of total loan exposures
  • Security against loan shall be personal guarantee, in addition Borrower should submit personal guarantee from spouse or the existing credit customer of the bank or reliable person.
  • Interest is calculated and charged on the outstanding amount of loan.
  • Borrower should be Nepalese Citizen with PAN holder
  • Borrower should be involved in employment or self employment sector /practice as mentioned above
  • Borrower should have sufficient income level to repay the loan
  • Both the borrower and guarantor should not be blacklisted
Required documents
  • 2 copy passport size photo of the Borrower and the Guarantor
  • Certificate of  Education and/ or license of profession
  • Salary certificate/ Income statement
  • Authentic evidence of the income if self employed
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Self declare net worth of the borrower and the Guarantor

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